Iberiapremium´s qualified staff accounts for more than 20 years of experience in shipbuilding, which, combined with the actual technological highly competitive production means, turns this department into a show window of great importance in countries where the sea traffic is their leading activity.

We design projects and operations in conformity to the country´s needs in what concerns small vessels, merchant vessels or specialized vessels.

Although the fishing industry has not undergone a process of renovation for different strategic reasons in the vast majority of producing and extracting countries, the actual global demand asks for specialized vessels in which we possess a wide experience, both in the design as well as in the construction process.

We are referring to the following vessels:
 Patrol boats
 Platform supply ships
 Tug boats
 Research vessels
 Hydrographic survey ships
 Cargo vessels
 Frigo transportation vessels or ships equipped to carry frozen goods

Equally in fibreglass, a different market from the more traditional market of steel used in the construction of smaller vessels, we have focused our efforts in the last years in:

- Fishing patrol speed boats
- Customs patrol speed boats
- Traditional fishing boats
- Passenger river boats
- Any vessel or floating device up to 25 meters long, made of this material (fibreglass)

The technical staff and selling agents of the Iberiapremium´s ship department have worked around the five continents. European countries such as Spain, Netherlands or Norway; African countries such as Angola, Cameroon and Namibia have received vessels designed and built by the technicians that are today in charge of this department.

In developing countries it is necessary to combine technical knowledge with financial engineering to ensure the construction of the necessary vessels. Experiences such as the Cameroon or Namibia with big projects, are clear examples of the professional know how that has enabled these governments to finance their fleets using credit lines within the international financial agreements.

Through Iberiapremium we can offer our clients, both public as well as private, our selling and technical services which can go from the construction project till the presentation of highly competitive selling offers within high construction standards.

Our department is also prepared to offer the assistance of our professionals in the inspection and supervision of any ship´s construction contract and to cooperate with all the Classification Societies throughout the entire building process.